The Personal Touch

Gloria Aubury

Gloria Aubury initiated and formed Cyprus Property Services Ltd:

I have been selling property in Cyprus for a long time. I am probably the only British Agent who has experience of selling property in Cyprus continuously since 1989.

"I want that house"

ITV chose me to present this programme in 2003. My clients were delighted with my selection of properties. The programme producer was over the moon to have a show with a happy ending - the clients purchased.

When I bought my first house years ago, I did not know where to go to find a fair deal. I was in a foreign country, did not speak the language and was afraid of being exploited. When I did find the right property, what next? There were so many questions:-

  • The legal side: Was it complicated and the costs?
  • Bank accounts: Did I need them?
  • Transferring money: The best and cheapest way.
  • Hidden costs and taxes: What were they?
  • Furnishings: Could I find all I needed - was it better to ship over?
  • Electricity, Gas: Were they different to ours?
  • Health care, insurance: What was available and the costs?

And much more. This great need led me to form my own company, offering a complete service so that a client need go nowhere else for answers. I have the experience, contacts, and a knowledge of Paphos nearly equal to the locals.

I take a great pride in my job and enjoy it immensely and many of my business relationships have turned to friendships. I am your One Stop Shop and my services are free to you. They do not stop when you sign the contract. I try to find you that home in the sun you have dreamed about, I will not sell just for the sake of it. I am easy to contact at either my UK or Cyprus offices or on my UK or Cyprus mobiles.

If you want to feel secure and enjoy the process of buying property in Paphos, Polis, Larnaca or Limmasol, consider using

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