Why Paphos?
because it has something for everyone

Coral Bay scene

Paphos is very different to the Ayia Napa - Protoras areas which although they have nice beaches, have very little else. They are dry and barren during the long summer and in the winter most of the facilities close down. Paphos and the surrounding area is much greener and is the only part of the island where you will find the lush green foliage of banana trees, citrus fruits, olive trees and acres of vines. Add to this the picturesque harbour with its mediaeval fort, some of the best mosaics in the Mediterranean and various other historical and archaeological sites, and you have a place close to perfection.

Cornfield There are some lovely beaches too, at Coral Bay and Corallia Bay, plus secret ones to discover. Then travel 5 or 6 miles to see the wonderful rock formations at the sea caves and the small fishing harbour of St. George's, with its ancient church and excellent fish restaurant, well used by the locals.
Travel on to Lara Bay where the green turtle visits its fine unspoilt beach and then on to the national park area of The Akamas to explore the natural beauty.
Harbour people

Paphos has its own international airport which is just a 10 minute drive from the town. With museums, good shopping, cinemas, a water park, international restaurants, traditional tavernas and loads of night-life facilities that are open all year, you have a community where locals and visitors mix, not simply a holiday resort.

There are about 15,000 permanent British residents in and around Paphos who have found this wonderful 'treasure' of a place.

I am not the only one who thinks this area is wonderful.

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